Does a mattress really affect how a person sleeps?
YES! Your mattress can either promote sleep or rob you of sleep. Your body craves a comfortable, supportive mattress and will let you know if you don't have the right mattress by tossing and turning or waking up feeling stiff and sore. According to a research study done by Dr Bert Jacobson at the Oklahoma State University, "poor sleepers experience a 77% improvement in sleep comfort and a 66% improvement in sleep quality on a new mattress!"
How can I tell that my mattress need to be replaced?
First, check for the obvious signs: visible wear and tear. Sagging, "troughing" (when you are sleeping in a deep trough on your side), a "hump" in the middle of the bed (your side is lower than the center) and/or rolling toward the center of the bed. When you wake up with a sore neck, back, shoulder etc... and you just have that "not rested" feeling. If you're tossing and turning or waking up many times a night with pain it may be your mattress. When you sleep in a different bed and your sleep/pain problems disappear.
What is the best mattress?

That depends on your individual condition and needs. Everyone is different and we all have different needs. To determine which mattress is best for your needs, we recommend you and your partner come into our showroom to "rest test" one of our premium mattresses. Pay attention to comfort, support and space.

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