Contact The Sleep Store
Contact The Sleep Store in Bellevue, WA for all of your Luxury Organic Mattresses, Natural Bedding, and sustainable Bedroom Furniture needs.
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Contact The Sleep Store

You can contact us by phone, message, or stop in if you’re near our Bellevue mattress store. One of our organic mattress experts will be in contact with you shortly after.

Our Organic Mattress Store

The Sleep Store showroom is located in uptown Bellevue, Washington. We offer 100% natural mattresses and bedding in-store and we are proud to announce we now offer our products online!


Our team cares about you and your family’s health. Our organic mattress experts will find you a bed that fits your lifestyle without all the harsh chemicals of regular mattresses that can affect your lungs and sensitive skin. We pride ourselves on offering the best in organic mattresses and bedding made with only the highest quality natural latex, wool, and cotton. Visit The Sleep Store today to find a comfortable and healthy night’s rest for the entire family.