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ERGOVEA - Valencia Latex Mattress

10” Mattress Height

• 2” Pressure Relief Layer - Plush All Natural Rubber

• 2” Transitional Layer- Medium All Natural Rubber

• 6” Support Core - Firm All Natural Rubber

Our firm support layer paired with our plush built in topper, this product is perfect for those sleepers that desire a cloud-like sleeping surface. No other mattress puts you closer to rubber naturally. Made with stretch certified organic cotton and is 100% wool free & animal free.

Made in the USA

Certified 100% All Natural Rubber

Greenguard Certified

Signature Ergovea Organic Cotton Cover

20 Year Warranty


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Description of mattress

We are proud that each of our mattresses and overlays have surpassed Greenguard's strict emissions testing requirements.  We took it a step further... We not only tested our finished product but each and every component was screened individually.  It is our goal to offer the most innovative organic mattress and bedding products that have trusted third party certifications.

GREENGUARD Gold Certification

GREENGUARD Gold Certification (formerly known as GREENGUARD Children & Schools Certification) offers stricter certification criteria, considers safety factors to account for sensitive individuals (such as children and the elderly), and ensures that a product is acceptable for use in environments such as schools and healthcare facilities. It is referenced by both The Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS) and the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Building Rating System.

Program Mark

Products certified under this program bear the GREENGUARD Gold Certification mark

Chronic Reference Exposure Levels (CRELs)

The exposure to individual volatile organic compounds (VOCs), as detected in the C6 - C16 mass spectrometric analysis screen, has been adjusted to allow no greater than 1/100 of the currently published ACGIH®Threshold Limit Values (TLVs) and no greater than one-half of the California's Chronic Reference Exposure Levels (CRELs). In many cases, the 1/100 safety factor reduction of TLVs results in the most stringent requirements for an extensive range of VOCs. A total VOC or TVOC maximum allowable limit takes into account the complex mixture of all VOCs found to be emitting from a product, including those with and without TLVs or CRELs.

Emission Controls for Educational and Healthcare Environments

This standard is designed to define low-emitting materials suitable for environments where people, particularly children and sensitive adults, spend extended periods of time, in particular schools and healthcare facilities.

  • The GREENGUARD Gold Certification requirements comply with the State of California’s Department of Public Health Services Standard Practice for Specification Section 01350 (California Section 01350) for testing chemical emissions from building products used in schools and other environments. As such, GREENGUARD Gold Certified products can be used to earn valuable credits in the CHPS Best Practices Manual for K-12 schools, the US Green Building Council's LEED®Green Building Rating Systems, the Green Guide for Healthcare, the NAHB Green Building Guidelines, Green Globes, Regreen and many other building codes, standards and specifications.


Our rubber is harvested in its pure state only 6 months per year as trees can't be cut during the summer & rainy season. From its pure state, we use the dunlop process when frothing the rubber which is more involved, but produces a much higher quality and consistent, rubber as the weaker air bubbles are removed. We don't add "fillers" such as clay to make the rubber go further. Instead, our rubber is handcrafted using specialized molds and highly sophisticated processing techniques to get just the right softness, consistency and density. All of our natural rubber mattresses and overlays are free from chemical dyes, pesticides, bleach, carcinogenic adhesives and chemical flame retardants.

As a result, you receive an organically pure natural rubber that is softer, more elastic, optimized for relieving pressure points and providing unsurpassed comfort and support, while at the same time absorbing the shock of body movement.

Animal/Wool fire barrier layers have long been a quality standard in organic mattress covers.  Eco Bedroom Solutions has developed a revolutionary, proprietary fire-barrier product that is 100% wool-free. We've worked with our premier manufacturer and industry leaders on this environmentally-friendly fire barrier, so we can bring you THE 21st century, naturally-derived fire barrier.

Our proprietary Eco Fire Barrier exceeds all federal and state flammability requirements-without using any  chemicals or animal products. This innovative product has been tested by UL labs and has exceeded Greenguard Gold Standard emission levels.  We are proud to offer a vegan friendly mattress solution that is has been proven to be free from harmful chemicals.

  All of our products are made in the USA.

20-Year Limited Warranty

Ergovea Natural Sleep, a division of Eco Bedroom Solutions, LLC (herein EBS) warrant that this mattress product will be free from defects in material and workmanship as described in this warranty (herein referred to as the 'Limited Warranty').

Conditions of the 20 year Warranty
This 20- year Limited Warranty starts on the date of purchase. If a manufacturing or material defect occurs during the first ten (10) years, EBS will repair or replace (at EBS option) the defective mattress. If replacement is required, EBS may substitute materials of equal or higher quality when the like components are not available. If defects such as splitting or cracking occur during normal usage and proper handling, during the remaining ten (10) years of this limited warranty, we will, at our discretion, repair the mattress at a handling cost to you, or replace the mattress at a prorated charge to you. During the first year of the remaining ten (10) year period, the prorated replacement charge will be fifty-five (55) percent of the replacement item's purchase price. The prorated charge will increase by five (5) percent increments for each subsequent year of the prorated period, but under no event shall be greater than ninety-five (95) percent, of the prevailing official price, exclusive of transportation cost.

The Limited Warranty does not cover the following:

1. The fabric mattress pad/cover if provided.
2. Slight body impressions (less than 1.5 inches for quilted wool covers/ .75 inches for non-wool covers).
3. Comfort preferences
4. Transportation charges for return and shipping when necessary.
5. Abuse or unsanitary conditions.
6. When used on an inappropriate foundation or box spring.

Please note that EBS reserves the right to refuse service and invalidate this Limited Warranty when the mattress is found to be in unsanitary condition, or when products failure is due to causes other than defective material and /or workmanship.

Body Contouring

Your mattress has been constructed with the finest materials. It is designed to conform to a person's individual contour. Your sleeping position may result in "body contouring". This is normal and not a structural defect. SEVERE CONTOURS are impressions which exceed the allotted impression (1.5" for quilted wool mattress covers, or .75” for products made with non-wool covers) in depth below the normal level of this product. Severe contours are covered by this Limited Warranty.

If your are considering placing a warranty claim, please contact your retailer.

Exclusive Remedy/Other Limitations

This Limited Warranty excludes any and all implied warranties on EBS mattresses, including any warranties of merchantability or fitness or a particular purpose. The service terms stated in this limited warranty shall be the consumer's sole and exclusive remedy in the event of a product failure during the warranty period. EBS shall not be liable for incidental or consequential damages arising out of the use or inability to use this product, or for the breach of this or any other express or implied warranty. EBS does not warrant that this product is suitable for any person's medical condition. EBS makes no warranty beyond what is contained in this Limited Warranty herein.

Some states do not allow limitations how long an implied warranty lasts, so this limitation may not apply. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply. This Limited Warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights, which vary from state to state. EBS does not authorize any person to create for it any other obligation or ability in connection with this warranty.

The 20- Year Limited Warranty set forth herein is the only warranty for any mattress produced by EBS and may not be modified.

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